Our Chocolate Vegan Hemp Hearts contain only five ingredients.

They are hand made on the Sunshine Coast using organically grown, high quality Single Origin Cocoa Mass and Cocoa Butter from Bali, organic Coconut Nectar from Thailand, organically grown Australian Hemp Seeds and Australian Magnesium Infused Lake Salt.

Cocoa Mass is made from the beans of the tropical cacao tree named Theobroma Cacao, ‘Food of the Gods’.

Dark Chocolate is one of the healthiest foods on the planet and is scientifically proven to improve your mood. 

Foodie Heaven’s Chocolates are rich in flavanoids and anti-oxidants with the added bonus of containing the pleasure molecule Anandamide.  This molecule reacts with the Cannabinoid Receptors in your brain to produce the feel good hormone Serotonin.

No wonder consuming dark chocolate makes you feel so good!

Teresa has developed relationships with many local artisan Balinese businesses, particularly PRIMO Chocolate.

PRIMO Chocolate is the brain child of Italian Architect Giuseppe Verdacchi.  By pursuing his passion for chocolate and the ethical treatment of farmers, Giuseppe established PRIMO in 2008.  Giuseppe was motivated to create a factory of his own, producing the best quality handcrafted chocolate possible.

From the sourcing and testing of locally grown Cocoa beans and working with farmers that use sustainable farming methods, PRIMO is proud to continue their journey in creating the finest and most sustainably produced chocolate in the World, with the trust of the community and its ethics and principles at heart.

Teresa has continued this passion for ethical, sustainable products by importing PRIMO’s 100% cocoa mass into Australia to produce her Chocolate Vegan Hemp Hearts.

In 2019 Teresa was awarded the Silver Medal in the Indigenous Flavours Category of the Adelaide Royal Show.